Mindset For A Better Salone

Mindset for a better salone is a project aimed at transforming the fixed mindset of Sierra Leoneans into growth one for development to be attained and enjoyed nationwide. In order to reach its lofty goals, MFB-Salone is focus on its mission behind the vision which will be carried out and implemented by Sierra Leone Liberty Group {SLLG} in partnership with AYV Radio the leading sponsor of this Radio Talk Show project.


  1. Populace to learn about the trending issues, hot topics, crime rates in there different localities.
  2. Gathering information for authorities to be well informed and be able to address them with immediate effects.
  3. Advocate government major policy/ agenda in order for salone not to be a failed state.
  4. To allow citizens to think deeply about the issue and how it affects them in their real life.
  5. Effectively help or educate citizens to transform their minds from fixed mindset to growth mindset.
  6. To let Sierra Leoneans be well-informed that it takes the mind to better Sierra Leone.
  7. It’s to better salone, neither self/ individual nor political parties.


To change/transform the fixed mindset of Sierra Leoneans into growth mindset


  • Let Salone people be well knowledgeable about what mindset is all about.
  • Produce quality talk show programs.
  • Trending issues discussed
  • Advocate the need for changing our negative mentality into positive one.


  • Commitment
  • Consistency
  • Impartiality


Mindset for Better Salone is a project aim at targeting communities, wards, constituencies and nations, informing and educating indigenes on the need for a renewed mindset to sustain our societies, households, and livelihoods.


Radio stations which are highly liked by locals, where we’ll consult the management for organizing 1 hour program where participants (host, project staff, govt. official, stakeholders etc…) will discuss on the